Raleigh Stowaway Folding Bike

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The Stowaway 7 is the perfect solution if space is tight. This bike is ideal for storing in small areas such as flats, caravans and holiday homes plus it's the perfect size, when folded, to take with you on a bus or train as part of your daily commute.

The Aluminium hinged frame folds down the centre of the bike and the folding stem means you can really tuck the your bike away and the padded saddle means you'll be travelling comfortably.

The 20" wheels are large enough to be practical for a folding bike but still compact enough when it comes to space saving storage.

The Stowaway is equipped with 7 speed Tourney gears giving you just enough range for practicality but still keeping it simple and easy to ride; plus powerful alloy V-brakes provide the stopping power.