Irok LumberJack

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The IROK is the brand new entry level Rocker from Rocker Bikes.

Rockers are a RAD innovation designed by BMX riders at Rocker BMX LTD.
The boys have spent a very long time developing the perfect geometry and
component selection to make Rocker BMX's easy to ride, comfortable and
of course to look totally sick.

Rocker’s are about having a blast with your mates and are quickly
becoming the latest craze of 2013/2014. You may well have already seen
dudes shredding them your local park & wondered, where can I get
one? Well you can get one here!

Rockers are chunky scaled down mini versions of 20” BMX’s designed to
take a serious amount of adult sized abuse. Fat tyres, massive bars, top
load stems every bit as RAD as a 20” & great fun for kids from 4
years old to Dad’s of 40 years old. With plenty of colour-ways to choose
from including LTD editions, some people have already started
collecting them!


Brand new design

New lighter weight

Hi tensile steel frame / forks with shorter back end

Front load stem with forged face plate

Thread-less forks

10" x 28" bars

Plastic BMX pedals

Kraton rubber grips

30/14 gearing (allows you to actually pedal at up to 15 mph)

Sealed cartridge bearings

1 piece hi ten forged steel cranks

USA BB, fat padded seat

Steel 3 piece wheels with very loud freewheel (new wheels roll much
better than the previous Rocker wheels for higher speed on ramps or just

New Street Pro Tyres

Colour matched KMC chain

Weight 9.5 kg or 20.9 lbs (a saving of 3.3 lbs on the original Rocker!)