Crisp Blaster Black

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The Crisp
Blaster Pro Scooter features a 4.5 inch wide deck. New riders will be
able to develop their unique riding style with the increased deck width
and popular boxed sides and flat bottom.


Deck width / length - W 114mm (4.5inch) / L 540mm (19inch)
Deck - Concave Triple Channel Deck with double D Down Tube & Flat Bottom & Sides
Brake - SST Spring Brake


Fork material - Hi-Tensile Steel
Compatible compression types - HIC
Compatible wheel size - 100mm


Bar width / height - W 500mm (19.7inch) / H 540mm (21.3inch)
Bar material - Steel
Compatible compression types - HIC


Wheel diameter - 100mm (.39inch)
Wheel core material - Alloy

Total Weight - 3.65Kg (8lb)